• What are circle lens?

  • They are cosmetic contact lenses that have a black ring, for the purpose of enlarging the appearance of the iris. They give the appearance of clear, doll-like eyes. they are originally from Korea and are very popular among asian celebrities and pop-stars.

  • I have perfect vision, can i wear these cosmetic contact lenses?

  • Yes, plano (non-powered) cosmetic contact lenses are available for those who don't need visual correction such as glasses and/or contacts. However, it is strongly recommend you seek an eye examination by an eye care practitioner to verify proper fitting and suitability of the contact lens wearing before making a purchase of the plano lenses.

  • Can I used my eyeglass prescription to order circle lens?

  • No, you must receive proper eye exam from your eye care doctor who will then write a soft contact prescription for you.

  • Can I get contact lens if they are a different size and base curve than what I`m currently wearing now?

  • You should be able to wear lens with the base curve of ±0.2 from your prescription.

  • My left and right eye have different power? Can I order accordingly to the power of my eyes?

  • Definitely!

  • One of my lens is ripped, can I buy an extra piece or do I have to buy a pair?

  • Hey this happens and we totally understand. You can definitely order 1 piece.

  • How long can I wear these cosmetic contact lenses?

  • Unlike conventional lenses, these cosmetic contact lenses are advised not to be worn for any more than 6 hours a day. personally, We don`t recommend you wear them every day, wearing in moderation is the key.

  • What should I do if I feel discomfort?

  • It is normal to feel slight discomfort in the beginning, but your eyes will adjust to the lens. However, if the discomfort doesn't ease, then you should remove the circle lens.

  • When should I disposed the cosmetic contact lenses?

  • The lens are 1-year disposable with proper maintenance.

  • What is the pre-order process?

  • 1. You choose the lens that you want to purchase from the catalog.
    2. Fill out an order form
    3. Wait for the order confirmation (invoice) email.
    4. Make payment within 3 days of confirmation. Full payment is required
    5. Patience is the key here. Wait for the lens to come. Order status will be updated throughout the process.

  • What happens after the batch is closed?

  • 1. We will place an order with GEO
    2. It'll take GEO about 2 weeks to process the order and send to us.
    3. Lenses are then shipped to us. (Dubai).
    4. It will take us 1 day to package everyone's order and ship to you.
    5. After the lenses is sent to you, let us know through mail or through shout box.

    The overall process will take approximately no more than 4 weeks, from the time the batch is closed.